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Welcome to MemeMarketing.org, the leading authority on the business of memes. With a decade of experience building and growing meme audiences, we are fluent in the language of memes.

What's the mission?
To educate the world on the efficacy of memes. We do this through deep industry research and by sharing the latest social media news, select interviews with leaders in the meme space, and other in-depth resources to take your marketing budgets further—through memes. We're glad you’re here.

What is "Meme Marketing"?
Meme marketing is the use of memes—micro, sharable content grounded in humor, pop culture, or current events—to promote a brand or product.

Not only is meme marketing top-performing among today’s younger audiences, but it also allows brands to build connection and overall loyalty with social native consumers.
Who creates memes?
We do, along with our partner memers, meme publishers, and other widely-known creators. We professionally handle all stages of meme ideation, creation, amplification, audience growth, and community management for enterprise brands, both large and small. We are full-service. Message us below.

How else can MemeMarketing.org help?
We welcome journalists, brands, creators, researchers, and more to reach out with questions or partnership requests below.

We are highly knowledgable, a message away, and happy to share what we know.

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