f reading this message: “my contribution to society is cool pictures on Instagram” inspires you, you may want to follow the latest trending pages on social media: affirmations meme accounts. These pages play on traditional motivational accounts with a comedic twist that inspire their followers to laugh.

Affirmations are short sentences that motivate, inspire, and encourage you to take action and to realize your goals, according to successconsciousness.com. These phrases can be repeated in your head for a boost of positive thought, or they can live on your iPhone wallpaper as a reminder whenever you unlock your phone. They are even printed onto posters that can sometimes serve as your boss’s zoom background. 

While motivational Instagram accounts that post these mantras on aesthetically pleasing backgrounds have existed since the dawn of the age of Instagram, one example being the account daily.affirmations.positive, a new wave of parody affirmation accounts are dominating our feeds – and this is what we are discussing today. 

Affirmation Parodies

Sometimes the best memes don’t require the most intricate Photoshop work or even employ correct grammar, they can sometimes look like this:

If this doesn’t make sense to you, tell that to “affirmations” or Global Self Hypothesis’ 410K followers. Account admin Mats Anderson was inspired to create this account after noticing the rise in conversation around wellness. In an interview with Elle Magazine, he notes “the other wellness accounts, in my opinion, are very boring and bland. I don’t think they are very effective at reaching out to people and that’s perhaps one of the reasons that I am doing what I am doing.” 

While Anderson does not describe his account as intentionally satirical, the success of this account has encouraged a rise in intentional parody accounts. Just as barstoolsports has inspired unaffiliated parody accounts that play off the same basic social principles such as, barstoollonghorn, affirmations has inspired parody accounts like utaustinaffirmations, cuse_affirmations, northwesternaffirmations, and more.

Outside of the college space, we see these niche parody accounts exist for politics, finance, the drag community, the desi community, etc. These sub-groups repeat mantras that are relatable to those within the community. This relatability leads to followers sharing this content and in turn, the pages and the meme format continues to receive more followers.

Insights For Marketers

While I’m not suggesting that you create an affirmations account based around your company, it is worth noting that these positive, and hilarious, mantras can have a major impact in uplifting your community of followers. In an effort to support wellness across social media, you can take part in this trend by adding a comedic twist to the messaging, as is shown through these affirmations parody accounts.

Brands have begun throwing their hats into the affirmation creation ring. Chipotle achieved this in a one-off Instagram post, posting five affirmations such as “Living your life like a side tortilla is how you become one” overlaid on their products. This same notion of reminding your consumers that they are worthy (of your product) can also be added in a caption. 

Additionally, if it is more in-keeping with your brand voice to post content of a higher production value, take a look at how this Wendy’s post was inspired by the account itsanimatedtext. Unlike some other meme trends that take stills from TV shows or can be political in nature, this trend can be achieved utilizing your own branded imagery and text. Your followers will not need any prior understanding of memes to share a laugh, and reshare, your affirmations. 

I affirm that by inspiring your consumers with positive vibes, your consumers will thank you.

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