magine this: it’s 2021, and your brand has been around for a few years. Digital marketing strategies are a little different now than they have been for the past few years, and social media involves more than just routine posting on Instagram and Facebook. In fact, you might not even use Facebook anymore. 

The fact of the matter is that traditional media strategies are no longer getting the same attention that they used to, and more brands than ever are competing for the same audience in the same areas. When it comes to boosting your brand, securing quality partnerships with the right people can be difficult amidst the saturated market. Fortunately, there are more ways to connect with a digital audience than ever before. 

Here’s where meme marketing comes in.

Meme marketing is an innovative way to engage with your audience where they already exist online. Memes are a digital language created and shared by online communities, but they’re also a way for brands to communicate on a variety of platforms with users across the world. Instead of simple static images, memes extend to short-form videos, trends, quotes and more.

Meme marketing is not a trend. Memes have existed for decades, and continue to develop in intricate ways across different industries and social media platforms. Memes can have entirely different meanings or interpretations depending on whether they came from Instagram, Twitter or Reddit. If memes have innovated to the point that they have their own ecosystems in corners of the Internet, that means it’s time for brands and marketers to start paying attention. 

Utilizing memes in a digital marketing strategy is a great way to increase brand awareness and exposure. However, I’ll let you in on a secret: memes are great at another thing, and that’s generating revenue.

Content creation is a lucrative business––something we have seen from the success of YouTubers, TikTokkers and influencers in general. Well guess what: memes are a form of content creation. In fact, as recently as 2019, meme pages were getting paid close to $4,000 a month for sharing branded or otherwise sponsored content. 

This means there are already brands who see the value in meme marketing and are capitalizing on the relatively open market. 

Meme pages across social media have dedicated audiences that genuinely care about and interact with the page’s content. Meme pages can offer exposure to massive audiences of online users that are interested in a variety of content, creating opportunities for brands to introduce themselves to new markets. By partnering with meme pages on promotions, brands can easily ensure that their content will be seen by thousands of eyes––if not millions.

Don’t believe me? Well, the numbers don’t lie. 

Image sourced from Twitter.

Thanks to meme culture and social media, brands like Bang Energy and Dunkin’ Donuts have seen tremendous growth by taking part in popular trends. Memes have also impacted the trajectory of the stock market, with cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin existing purely based off of a static meme image.

In fact, Dogecoin drove 34% of the trading app Robinhood’s crypto-based revenue from the first quarter of 2021. Elon Musk also used memes to communicate his support of the GameStock phenomenon from 2021, using a tweet with lingo popularized by the social community on /r/wallstreetbets’ Reddit page.

Despite the vast amount of potential for memes in marketing, it can be hard to know where to start if you are unfamiliar with the industry, trends, and language of memes. With so many different social media platforms, brands and marketers can easily spend too much time looking in the wrong places.

Thankfully, there are companies that exist that specialize in new media and innovative forms of marketing, such as meme marketing. By partnering with a company that speaks the language of the audience you’re trying to reach, brands can share their message more effectively with the world.

Are you starting your journey into meme marketing?

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