n the latest edition of the social media race, Instagram has announced that they added Insights to their Reels feature. This comes after the demand for more metrics on Instagram’s short-form video format to combat the rise in popularity of other platforms like TikTok. While TikTok already offers detailed user analytics for brands and marketers to use to their advantage, the introduction of Insights to Reels will provide a variety of businesses more information about their online presence than ever. 

Given the plethora of shopping options that Instagram already has for their platform, the addition of Insights might give smaller businesses on the platform the upper hand when it comes to growing their brand.

In regards to the features on this update, Amanda Silberling wrote for TechCrunch:

“Previously, Instagram creators could only view publicly available metrics, like the views, likes or comments on a Reel. Now, they will be able to access data like Accounts Reached, Saves and Shares for their Reels. Instagram will also share the number of Peak Concurrent Viewers that tune in to watch their Live videos. Plus, in the Account Insights section of the app, Instagram will add breakdowns that show users what kinds of accounts they are reaching, and which content formats are generating their strongest engagement.”

This information will allow businesses, creators and brands to see full performance metrics for their content in order to see what’s working and what’s not. The addition of Insights to Reels adds more opportunity and value to digital campaign strategies, and gives brands the ability to test a variety of content with more accurate data. 

TikTok, Reels’ rival platform, has been ahead of the game by offering various metrics on their videos since the very beginning. However, TikTok has been slow to add more e-commerce integrations to their platform, keeping them a few leagues behind Instagram’s shopping capabilities. Because so many shops already have a presence on Instagram, getting Insights on their Reels might encourage more owners to stay on Instagram instead of going all-in on TikTok. Alternatively, this Instagram update might encourage TikTok to innovate even further to challenge Instagram's growing shopping presence. 

This presents a unique opportunity for brands and marketers looking to grow their brands. While TikTok has seemingly cornered the short-form video market, especially for small business growth, for a while, the addition of Insights to Reels might turn the tables in Instagram’s favor. 

Our advice is to test out digital strategies on both platforms and make the most of the data provided. For companies that have already been utilizing Reels for digital campaigns, the additional information will provide a much better look at your ROI and allow your brand to make better decisions for upcoming campaigns. 

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