nce you have a basic understanding of what meme marketing is, it’s time to learn how meme culture, content and target audiences differ across social media platforms. It’s important to understand the difference between how memes work on Twitter versus Tiktok to make sure your brand’s digital campaigns achieve the most relevance, while also delivering the highest ROI possible.

Meme marketing is all about demonstrating your brand's awareness of cultural trends and increasing your reach online. In order to succeed, you should understand how to maximize your content on each social media platform. 


Best format: a photo with the tweet as a caption

Image sourced from Twitter.

Many popular memes originated on Twitter. Whether it’s the “sections of” meme or the winking meme from Wandavision, many memes started as a single joke on Twitter that others replicated until it became a bonafide meme. If your brand wants to be the first ones to know about a new meme trend, then look to Twitter. 

Twitter is a hub for both memes and marketing with over 187 million daily active users. 82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter for organic reach, with only LinkedIn ranking higher at 96%. Additionally, nearly every major brand has a Twitter account where they use meme marketing to stand out from their competitors–and it works, too!

Brands regularly go viral for absurd or provocative stunts on Twitter like Wingstop this past week. Twitter is very aware of the meme marketing on their platform and even has a guide on how to implement them in your marketing strategy. 

Tip: Fresh content works best on Twitter! For brands and marketers, make sure your memes are up-to-date to get the most traction and best results.


Best format: a meme with the caption in the photo 

Image sourced from Instagram.

If Twitter is where memes are born, then Instagram is where they spread. 46% of Instagram users say that they use the platform to enjoy funny content. Even Instagram has started to recognize the monetary power of its meme community. Recently, Ricky Sans (the previous Executive Producer at Buzzfeed) was hired as the Strategic Partner Manager for Memes at Instagram.

This shows that Instagram is putting more emphasis on their meme communities, and is recognizing their influence on growth. Instagram is also home to top meme pages like @humor that curate content from other platforms into a single page. These “meme pages” reach millions of users and are extremely popular among Gen Z and Millennials, making them an important source of information for brands and marketers looking to get insights into their target demographics. 

In fact, many brands partner with the creators of these meme pages to incorporate sponsored content into their organic feeds. This encourages the native audiences of meme pages to engage with new content, exposing them to more brands, products and opportunities than before. If making meme content for your brand seems too daunting or time-consuming for your in-house marketer, then consider partnering with a meme creator. They know how to connect with their meme page audience in the most authentic way possible. 

Tip: Reposted content requires little effort and does very well on Instagram. Just be sure to give credit to the original meme creator! Curious about how to partner with meme pages? Send us a message for more information.


Best format: Videos that use pre-made popular sounds

Up next is everyone’s favorite: Tiktok! The newest social media app on our list is also the fastest-growing platform with over 689 million active users worldwide. Our guide to marketing on TikTok dispels the common myths that TikTok is just for kids or that it’s not sophisticated enough for certain brands. Big-name brands like Bang Energy are already driving growth on TikTok by producing fun or absurd content (similar to how other brand marketers do on Twitter). By partnering with popular creators on one of the biggest social media platforms, brands and marketers are able to share their products with new audiences across the world, gaining exposure and brand recognition in the process. 

Meme marketing is also growing fast on TikTok as more big-name meme creators like @Daquan and @Memezar pivot their audiences towards the app. Tiktok also recently launched the Creator Fund to compensate members on their platform who reach more than 100k followers.

This means influencer marketing is easier than ever with TikTok creators because their content is easy to make (shorter videos = quicker turnaround!) and can reach not only the creators' followers but millions more by showing up on the For You Page. All of this makes TikTok a hotspot for using creators to reach online communities and build organic growth for your brand. 

Tip: Authenticity and transparency are important on TikTok. Partner with creators and pages that express the same values as your brand to create longer-lasting partnerships. As a bonus tip, use the original sound in your TikTok videos to make them easier to find in the content library! 


Best format: Vertical memes and video content 

Image sourced from Snapchat.

Snapchat leads the way when it comes to capturing the attention of young people. Over 238 million people use Snapchat every day, reaching 75% of the Millennial and Gen Z demographics. Those statistics make this app a powerful tool for reaching a large network of young users. Don’t dismiss it as just a messaging platform either! Snapchat is home to in-house video content on their Snap Discover page that you can advertise on, creating another way for your brand to reach new audiences in an authentic way.

Snapchat has also evolved their advertising tools to make it easier to reach their large network of young users. Snap Pixel is an in-app analytics tool you can use to track how Snapchatters navigate your website, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior.

For brands looking to branch into Snapchat, our guide to marketing on Snapchat dives into different strategies such as AR lenses and Geofilters, all of which offer new strategies for your digital media team to test out. If creating a filter seems too technical, then stick to making short advertisements with memes to engage with Snapchat’s younger audience in a fun and unique way. 

Tip: Make your Snapchat ads casual and less intrusive to get the highest ROI and avoid a high “skip ad” click rate.


Don’t be intimidated by how different each of these social media platforms are! Memes are a versatile tool that can be reformatted to work across multiple channels, and each platform creates a different opportunity to share new information. 

Meme marketing on social media is the most effective way to cut through the noise on these busy platforms and make a lasting impact on your audience. Trust us–your audience will appreciate seeing an entertaining or culturally relevant ad more than a traditional one. 

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