f TikTok is turning out Hollywood’s next stars, then Depop has the potential to launch future fashion designers and bespoke retail shops. Members of Generation Z are proving time and time again that they’re creative and ready to capitalize on any emerging platform to make a buck or two. They know their worth and aren’t afraid to use their talent to establish a brand for themselves. The latest place Gen Z can be seen flexing their creativity? Depop.

The social marketplace app is popular with Gen Z and young millennials and currently has over 15 million users around the world. (If you want a quick primer on all things Depop, check out our article about it here.)

Depop users can easily search for vintage pieces or gently worn items from their favorite brands. While the app is becoming noticed and used by brands ranging from RAEBURN to Studs, Gen Zers are creating their own shops that boast a certain aesthetic and are gaining traction and followers. Even shops with a small number of followers can become a “Top Seller” (and gain a coveted blue checkmark) through multiple highly-rated sales. 

Here are five trending and highly successful Depop shops you should keep an eye on.

1. Lena Davydova

Over 35K users follow Lena Davydova’s Depop shop @dlvintage, which often features items such as blazers, purses, earrings, T-shirts, and shoes. She also has a YouTube channel that has a small, yet growing, following where she uploads fashion-centered content such as “How to Style a Knit Sweater Vest” and “100 Wardrobe Must Haves.” Davydova uses both platforms to cross-promote her Depop shop items and build her brand. 

2. Tempo Finds

Boasting a mix of streetwear, athletic gear, and brand-name sneakers for both men and women, Tallahassee-based shop @tempofinds has over 7K followers. Customers can also get free shipping if they bundle (buy multiple items) in a single order. This shop does a great job of keeping its followers engaged by posting graphics telling followers that new gear is on the way or releasing and organizing products by types such as windbreakers, crewnecks, and red T-shirts. 

3. Rose and Bush

Created and curated by couple Amanda and Will, @roseandbush offers vintage and modern finds for both men and women. The duo has a YouTube channel, Instagram page, and website dedicated to the shop and all are dedicated to helping slow fashion become more accessible and affordable. 

4. Mav LaRue

Curated entirely by Mav LaRue, his Depop shop @dapperstreet mainly features menswear ranging from button-down shirts, polos, and vintage jackets. In contrast to other Depop sellers on this list, LaRue has a stronger following on Instagram with over 73K followers with a highly curated soft vintage aesthetic. 

5. Lala Lopez

Branded as a “sustainable vintage, secondhand & sacred goods shop,” Lala Lopez’s Depop shop @mothballmemoirs is a mix of vintage clothing, crystals, and shoes. Lopez, based out of Queens, New York, has amassed 14K followers on her aesthetic Depop shop that features posts with light pastel backgrounds, styled product shots, and informative captions. 


With new platforms and apps constantly joining the vast social media landscape, Gen Z is often leading the charge on ways to harness the power of each app and showcase their creativity.

Depop’s ability to serve as a platform to showcase curated looks, resell gently-used clothing, and gain fashion inspiration has made it one of Gen Z’s favorite apps. With shops catering to niche markets and trends, Depop is definitely an app to watch as established brands, influencers, and new shops learn to harness its power.

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