f you haven’t opened Spotify recently, you absolutely should. The latest micro-trend is here, and it’s exposing all of us. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Spotify unleashed a new feature where users get a personalized set of music observations based on their listening habits so far this year. Because the December #Wrapped posts were so popular, it makes sense that Spotify would continue the hype with a similar unique user experience. 

However, what makes this feature so different is the fact that it’s only for you. By going more niche into labels, genres and artists that are so #OnlyYou, Spotify landed into uncharted territory–they sparked a meme trend. 

The beauty of the end-of-year Spotify #Wrapped presentation and playlist is that it provides insights to you as a user that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. For example, if you listened to Post Malone so much that you were in the top 1% of his listeners, across the entire world, over the course of the entire past year. Insights like that about your personal habits are really cool to see, and can be pretty funny to share with others. 

How did Spotify turn into a meme?

Enter #OnlyYou – instead of keeping the #Wrapped excitement for once a year, Spotify’s newest feature rolled out a whole new criteria of personalization that everyone is talking about. While the #Wrapped posts focused more on data and analytic insights, the #OnlyYou is a bit more...personal. From astrological music charts and genre dissections to decade-over-decade time jumps, the #OnlyYou shows your listening data in a new way that caters more towards Millennials and Gen Z demographics. 

However, something unexpected happened: the Spotify messaging was too good. 

Almost immediately, meme pages and brands alike picked up on the formatting of the Spotify #OnlyYou experience and made it their own. By screenshotting the title cards before musical insights, users blurred and subbed out the messaging with their own, using the “only you would do this” motif as the inspiration. The result? Some pretty hilarious, self deprecating, and otherwise absurd content. 

The brand Velveeta was one of the first to pick up on the trend. While they are known for their spunky brand voice on Twitter, this took their trend forecasting to a whole new level. By replacing the words in the script to talk about the gooey, golden mess of Velveeta, the brand hopped on a trend before it was even taking off–making them one of the forerunners in this brand race. 

How can other brands hop on this trend? 

Create content that follows the Spotify #OnlyYou format! One of Spotify’s big messages is that this experience is personalized to fit your unique preferences, and brands can use that to their advantage. By creating simple, funny and weird insights into the behaviors of your users, you can create messaging that follows the trend while flipping the script to reflect on your interests. 

While this trend only exists on Twitter for the time being, I wouldn’t be surprised if it shifted over to Instagram and other social media platforms soon. Since Spotify makes their content easily shareable across all networks, it would make sense to see variations of this meme popping up everywhere. 

As a brand, this is a unique opportunity to have some fun with a neat feature. As a user, it’s a hilarious way to learn more about yourself while poking fun at the same time.

As a Princess Nokia Sun, I can say that the marketing is working. 

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