ave you ever looked at an Instagram influencer’s account and noticed that all of their posts seem to give off a certain “vibe?” Maybe it’s the filter they use, the objects present in their posts, or the outfits they wear, but the elements of their page work in cohesion to look visually pleasing (even artistic) and depict a certain mood. 


The vibe that you get when looking at an influencer’s account is called an aesthetic


Successful influencers and brands on Instagram have created a personalized and consistent aesthetic. This aesthetic attracts a certain audience that likes anything from the account’s color scheme, to the lifestyle portrayed in the posts, to the objects present in photos, to the emotions the account provokes. You get the picture. Aesthetics can be defined by many different aspects. 


When it comes to building your brand’s Instagram account, it’s important to determine your aesthetic. The aesthetic should jive with the brand’s core values and appeal to your target audience. By crafting an effective aesthetic, you will be able to build up brand awareness and increase brand recognition. 


The number of aesthetics out there is astonishing, and many of them are successfully portrayed on Instagram. Below, you will find a variety of aesthetics (split up between common and unique aesthetics) and the popular Instagram influencers that embody them. 


Common Aesthetics 

Pastel: @jannid

Photos with soft lighting and pastel colors. Creates a serene and warm tone, typically associated with outdoor pictures and sunset-scapes. This aesthetic creates a soft, warm, and affectionate tone.  

Baddie: @alealimay

Diamond-dripping photos, sexy outfits, and glamorous makeup. (If you can’t contour, are you even a baddie?) The Baddie aesthetic is all about empowerment and being a boss b*tch.

Grunge: @oliviaemilyx

Having roots in the heavy rock scene of the 1980s, the grunge aesthetic is dark, edgy, and usually features a flannel and some killer eye makeup. People that originally followed the grunge aesthetic were anti-consumerist, however, presently, it’s more mainstream.

Vintage: @alexachung

The Vintage aesthetic is steeped in nostalgia and faded filters. Fashion is typically inspired by the 70s and 80s, and found at local thrift stores. Currently, this aesthetic is emulated by “VSCO girls” and mainstreamers. 

Minimal: @garancedore

The Minimal aesthetic has an artistic quality that turns the mundane and simple into a serene piece of art. A monochromatic color scheme and pictures containing very few objects attract an audience that sees beauty in the simplicity. 


Travel: @ournextflight

The travel aesthetic can be manifested in multiple ways, however, it always ignites the wanderlust in the viewer. Photos feature bustling, foreign cities and sweeping landscapes. Vivid colors are used to portray vibrant cultures and breathtaking views. 

Cosmopolitan: @gregoryvelvet

The Cosmopolitan aesthetic typically manifests itself in elegant, city locations. Sophisticated fashion, classically beautiful buildings, and artistically-shot photos make up this aesthetic.  

Beach: @saltyluxe

Can’t you almost smell the salty air and taste the sweetness of coconut? Ocean views, palm leaves, and blooming flowers frequent beach aesthetic pics, making almost anyone envious of this lifestyle. 

Raver: @forbiddenkitten

This aesthetic was formed with the rise of rave parties and electronic dance music festivals, and is commonly identified through the unique, neon fashion commonly found at these events. 

Adventurecore: @chrisburkard

The Adventurecore aesthetic portrays raw, natural beauty and sometimes involves a looming sense of danger or risk. The mood that accompanies this aesthetic is adventure, exploration, and spontaneity. Pictures typically involve hiking, climbing, rafting, camping, and stargazing. 

City Core: @ryanstylesnyc

City streets, graffiti, skyscrapers, and peacoats. Citycore is more casual than Cosmopolitan. This aesthetic features all aspects of city life, making it feel a little more relatable. Citycore portrays youth and moderness. 

Fitness: @kayla_itsines

#bodgoals … From workout videos to transformation photos to motivational monologues about health and wellness, the fitness aesthetic is all about being the best version of yourself through healthy eating, workouts, and body positivity.  

Foodie: @justinchapple

Looking at an Instagram with a foodie aesthetic will probably make your mouth-water. Posting photos of vibrant colors that make dishes pop and close-ups of beautifully staged plates are an insta foodie’s bread and butter. 

Unique Aesthetics

Synthwave: @volgaverdi

Synthwave is a over-the-top aesthetic that draws much of its inspiration from the 1980s. Vibrant color, chrome, and vintage 80s cars fit the vibe of this aesthetic. 

Academia: @sarahmentelin

The Academia aesthetic has a scholarly and classical feel to it. The outdoors, vintage fashion, and museums frequent photos with this aesthetic. 

Anti-Fashion: @billieeilsih

This aesthetic contains clothes that are not considered trendy, attractive or fashion-forward. Those with an anti-fashion aesthetic demonstrate an unwillingness to conform to the culture around them. 

In Conclusion 

This list doesn’t even come close to representing the number of aesthetics that exist today or the people that practice them. There is a diverse variety of aesthetics that allow people from all over the world to express themselves within their own niche community. 

Finding an aesthetic that fits your brand is a great way to express your values, engage your target audience and craft a certain vibe that will increase brand recognition and awareness. 

So get out there, find your audience and let your newly crafted aesthetic tell your brand’s story.

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