hose unfamiliar with memes might not know about the expansive world of meme pages. But no fear, we’re here to educate! 

A meme page is simply a social media account that posts memes. Meme pages make up some of the most followed and fastest-growing accounts on social platforms, especially Instagram, allowing them to yield some major influence.  

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Meme accounts are able to reach a large and diverse audience. Who doesn’t like to laugh? However, meme accounts typically have a younger follower base, ranging from ages 13-25, AKA Gen Z. 

The most popular meme pages have claimed their spot at the top by posting up-to-date memes. Memes that are relevant (memes that relate to current pop culture and humorous trends) are posted on these accounts. 

“Normie memes,” or memes that are so mainstream they are seen as uncool, are avoided like the plague on these popular accounts. Original content and content produced through the collaboration of multiple meme accounts usually thrive on meme pages. 

Top Meme Pages on Instagram

Below are some of Instagram’s most popular meme pages. In general, each account posts similar content, however, some appeal to niche audiences. Niche meme pages typically post memes that stem from a certain topic, such as a city, fanbase, or lifestyle. A niche meme page is like a collection of inside jokes that only a certain audience will understand.  

Atlanta Memes






The Fat Jewish


Current Meme Page News 

While there are thousands of other meme accounts out there on Instagram, that number is dwindling due to Instagram’s tightening restrictions. 

Lately, Instagram has been much more strict on what it’s allowing meme pages to post, and is deleting the meme accounts that breaks the platform’s regulations. 

What regulations? Well, Instagram has been banning meme accounts that improperly use a brand’s slogan or logo in their created content. Oftentimes, the brand didn’t give permission to the account to do so, thus violating copyright laws. Instagram has also been deleting meme accounts it believes are stealing other accounts’ meme content and passing it for their own. 

Moving forward, meme pages will most likely be extremely intertwined with brands. As meme accounts fear being shut down because of copyright infringements, they’ll more frequently communicate with brands to ask for permission. 

Successful meme pages hold a tremendous amount of influence among certain audiences. Brands should collaborate with them to effectively reach younger audiences and see success in organic advertising. 

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