ho doesn’t love cats? Sure, there’s a lot of dog lovers in the world, but sometimes all it takes is the pure love of a cat to inspire some of the greatest works of art. From Salvador Dalí to Haruki Murakami, many great artists and writers have included cats in their lists of inspiration. In this case, it was a cat that inspired the audio trend taking TikTok by storm. 

Known simply as the “Here Comes the Boy” trend, this new audio trend shows how music on TikTok goes through changes and grows as a result of audience interaction. Remixing audios and mashup creations are extremely popular on TikTok, and this trend shows another example of why. By having more users engage with an audio and add their own, unique twist, more value is added to the initial sound––resulting in more exposure with larger audiences. 

Here’s how one TikTok audio inspired thousands of imitations, and branched into new identifiable trends. 

What is ‘Here Comes the Boy?’


He lives down the road and we call him Mashed Potatoes #fyp #TakisTransformation #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound - June ✨

The original audio (posted by TikTok user @june_banoon) shows a cat named Mashed Potatoes slowly walking towards the camera with @june_banoon singing a made-up song. The video is also accompanied by different fonts that spell out the lyrics and pairs with the “cuteness” of the cat. The audio and the fonts have become iconic parts of this trend, because of how naturally adorable the song is. 

This original audio currently has 13.9k uses on TikTok, and continues to grow. Users are using this audio to show off their pets: cats, dogs and even birds, as well as the other “boys” in their lives (although posting boyfriends is received more negatively by other users looking to see cute animal videos).

This is where it started, but here’s where it went next. 

The first evolution of ‘Here Comes the Boy’


Reply to @kimbokak  THANK U GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE, WASNTING EXPECTING TO WAKE UP TO THIS BUT TY ##piano ##catsoftiktok ##music


After the mid popularity of the original audio, TikTok user @felixgabrielmusic decided to add their own spin. Felix Gabriel is a musician, so it makes sense that his spin on the ‘Here Comes the Boy’ audio would include extra instruments to the original song. Gabriel added a whimsical piano solo, then dueted the video again to include a light synthesized sound to add depth to the track. Thanks to their impressive understanding of musical composition, Gabriel turned the ‘Here Comes the Boy’ audio into a fully fledged song––and TikTok users are obsessed. 

Gabriel’s manipulation of the original audio can be called a remix––since they created their own music to add to the original piece and did not mash up an existing song with the existing audio. This remix has 284.1k uses on TikTok, far surpassing the amount of uses of the original. Why? 

This piano addition turned the spoken word audio into a song that users can hear in their heads long after the TikTok video stopped playing. The remixed audio is now more memorable, and easier for users to add to their own videos because of that recognition.

The second evolution of ‘Here Comes the Boy’


Reply to @imemiliamai I got you guys. use it well #fyp #kitten #cat #foryou #sound

♬ original sound - pippa and beatrice <3

The next iteration of the ‘Here Comes the Boy’ audio trend shows more audience participation. The TikTok user @pjsorbet used the @felixgabrielmusic version of the song, but changed the words to “here comes the wh*re.” The user was able to achieve this by re-recording their own vocals on top of the piano song, effectively replacing the original words with the newer ones (since they are louder and in front of the mix). 

The purpose of the audio is still the same (showing off pets) but with an additional twist: users can now include more people without the negative stigma surrounding the original @june_banoon audio. Whereas users wanted to see animals with the original audio, ‘Here Comes the Wh*re’ shows friends, family and users themselves. This second evolution of the audio made the original trend more inclusive to those without pets, resulting in its more widespread popularity. 

Additionally, this message change brings the more genuine and whimsical original trend to a more comedic and satirical place. People across TikTok will often remix content to take the seriousness out of a sound or a situation and turn them into jokes with those who are in the know. 

Right now, the ‘Here Comes the Wh*re’ audio has 23k uses on TikTok––even more than the original! 

The legacy of ‘Here Comes the Boy’

Overall, the ‘Here Comes the Boy’ audio trend is an interesting case study in how content develops in TikTok. A majority of the platform operates on user interactions, and niche trends develop thanks to these communities engaging with each other. 

‘Here Comes the Boy’ shows that adding more memorable, creative twists onto existing trends and memes will result in more people seeing that content. The more interactive you make a trend or meme, the more people are likely to connect with it. The more people that connect with content, the more likely they are to recreate it, or share it to someone else. 

For brands and marketers, memes and trends start with online communities. By watching how different content engages and changes over time, you are able to better understand your target audiences, and how they prefer to consume digital media. Once you have an understanding of how different trends change in different circles, you can create more informed campaigns that integrate seamlessly with existing content that your users are watching.

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