ey, Millennials, great news! You aren’t the youngest adult generation anymore! That means no more getting nagged on for “whining too much” or being called a “lazy screenager” by the older generations. 

Fortunately for Millennials, the world has turned its ever-critical eye towards an even younger generation. Their name is Generation Z, and they are completely different from any generation we’ve seen before. 

Gen Zers are much more than video gaming, TikTok-obsessed teens. They’re highly educated, ethnically diverse, and socially active. Estimated to be one of the world’s largest consumer groups by 2026, it’s probably a good idea to stop critiquing these youngsters and start understanding who they are and what they value so you can know how to best reach them.

Here are some Gen Z fast facts to help you get to know this age group a little bit better.

  • There’s a lot of debate about how to define Gen Z, but most would say Gen Zers are those who were born between 1996-2010. 
  • Gen Z makes up a little more than 20% of the U.S. population.
  • Gen Z is the first generation considered to be “digital native,” meaning they’ve had access to technology, the internet, and mobile devices for most, if not all, of their lives.
  • Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history. 
  • Gen Z is the most educated generation in history. 
  • $143 BILLION... That’s Gen Z’s annual purchasing power in the U.S alone. 
  • Gen Zers spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes a day on social media.
  • Gen Z is less idealistic and more realistic than their Millennial counterparts. 
  • About 65% of Gen Z values knowing where the products they buy come from and will put in the work to find out.
  • The majority of Gen Zers believe that communities are created by causes and interests instead of socioeconomic backgrounds. 
  • A quarter of Gen Z students will search for a job before their junior year of college. 
  • 65% of Gen Z voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, according to NBC exit polls.

Overall, Gen Zers are future-focused and practical. They were raised by hardworking, pragmatic Gen X parents. Gen Zers are, on average, working hard to avoid repeating the mistakes of their idealistic and materialistic millennial predecessors. Gen Zers saw their Gen X parents and Millennials recover from the Great Recession and forced to manage massive debt, making them desire a steady income and willing to pursue higher education. 

They have a strong appetite for education, steady employment, social justice, and community. Gen Zers have spent their lives watching and learning so that they can avoid the mistakes of the older generations.

No matter your opinion on this age group, one thing is for certain: Generation Z is already setting new standards. The way we communicate, work, and buy will be heavily affected by this age group. For better or for worse, Gen Z has all the attributes to change the world. 

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