ne of the hardest parts about marketing is being able to measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. With so many social media platforms available, it can be difficult to figure out which strategy and content will best serve your needs. Let’s take a look at some typical social strategies. While influencer marketing has a history of success, it doesn't yield the same results it did back in 2015: the landscape has changed. Similarly, content marketing and paid advertising provide data-driven results, but it's more difficult for those techniques to connect authentically with audiences that will grow alongside the brand into the future.

For that reason, we created an alternative to traditional advertising strategies: meme marketing

Meme marketing is a type of marketing that emerged with the existence of social media platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and more. Memes are created within communities and are interpreted based on shared experiences, resulting in quick, shareable content that relates to many people. 

As memes grew in popularity and complexity, they have become a type of digital language that all consumers on the Internet can understand. Meme marketing focuses on this aspect of content creation, and utilizes those native networks of people in a way that is engaging and organic. 

Meme marketing also puts a focus on humor, simplicity, trends and culture. By keeping up with current trends, people are able to anticipate which cultural events will become popular and converted into memes. This element of timeliness is also why meme marketing is so effective. Media moves at the speed of culture, and meme marketing embodies that fundamental principle. 

By creating content that is catering towards trends and current events, marketers are able to integrate seamlessly into the communities where their target audience is–all through the power of memes. 

For brands and marketers interested in meme marketing, here’s why it drives results: 

  • Meme marketing finds your audience where they exist online.

Memes exist in all industries. Combined with the vastness of the Internet and the mind-boggling amount of people that use it, it’s safe to say that if something exists, there is probably a meme for it. Because memes stretch across all interests, niches and platforms, that means that every item, product or service also has an audience–you just need to know where to look. 

Meme marketing can find those consumers where they are in their most authentic communities, and use that native network to build relationships with other people that share the same values. For brands looking to expand their recognition and awareness, this type of para-social connection is crucial to success. 

  • Meme marketing is not oversaturated. 

Where influencer marketing failed, meme marketing thrives. Influencer marketing was THE way to connect with younger audiences in an authentic way, until the marketplace got oversaturated with too many creators doing the same thing. Now, influencer marketing is a regulated industry with standards that leave many brands and marketers unable to afford. 

However, meme marketing is new and innovative, making it a viable option for companies of any size. 

Given the speed at which trends are forming and changing, meme marketing also provides a limitless variety of content to adapt into strategy, so the content will not start to look the same. Compared to influencer sponsored content promotional posts, this approach is very refreshing to consumers and can actually build more credibility with new audiences. 

  • Meme marketing engages through humor and simplicity.

Humor is one of the biggest driving forces in connecting people to one another. Humor transcends barriers of all shapes and sizes, acting as a universal communicator. Memes give us a way to relate to one another while packaging information into simple, consumable bits of content. Because humans are social creatures, it makes sense that things (like memes) would be shared within communities. We’ve seen this phenomenon translate into digital platforms with social media networks, all of which make it easier to connect with and share things with the people we care about.

This is what other forms of marketing are missing–the native networks. 

Every person has a network of their own, with branches always growing on the interconnected tree. For brands and marketers, this is where the majority of online audiences reside–in their own digital communities. Memes enhance those digital communities, and encourage others to share with people in their network, making them the perfect method of communication for a progressively digitized world.

Key Takeaway: 

Memes are the way of the future. Despite their comedic appearance and general weirdness on the Internet, memes are a way of connecting with others and communicating on a simpler level. Memes create new opportunities, and totally refresh typical advertising and marketing methods by understanding how people communicate with each other digitally. 

Where other methods have their time and place, meme marketing is an excellent strategy to explore how your network engages, and find the people that want to interact with you and your brand.

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